We started as a small home group in 2014 and came under the supervision of the OPC in 2016 and particularized into our own church in June 2021. We are a small congregation made of several young families with plenty of children who sit with us during worship. We hope you’ll join us for a Sunday morning.

First time visitor? Check our Welcome Guide for an overview. Be sure to pick up a Bulletin at the entrance table, as it will contain the liturgy and hymns/psalms to be sung. There is also a suitable place for nursing mothers, and fussy infants should the need arise.

Our Doctrinal Views

  • Orthodox

    We are steadfastly committed to the correct teaching and doctrine of the divinely inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word from God – the only rule of faith and godliness


    We hold a Covenantal perspective of scripture. This perspective determines how we read and hear God’s Word. We are not distant from it but we are made participants in the drama of the Bible.

     Learn more about Covenant Theology and the OPC.

Covenant OPC Church Ruling Elders

Elders responsible for general oversight.

The spiritual care and oversight of a local congregation is provided through elders (including ruling elders, elected from the membership of the local church, and ministers, either pastors called by a local congregation or evangelists or teachers, called to serve in a broader capacity).  In fact, our name reflects the practice of oversight found in the book of Acts.  Paul, on his missionary journeys, made sure that elders were chosen to oversee and nurture the newly planted churches (see Acts 14:23; 20:17-25; 1 Timothy 3:1-7).  The Greek word for “elder” is presbuteros or “presbyter.”  Similarly, matters that concern the regional church are handled by the ruling elders from the local churches and ministers, assembled in a meeting of presbytery.

Mr. Michael Cooper
Ruling Elder

Mr. Ed DeBruin
Ruling Elder

Rev. Dr. David Graves
Pastor / Teaching Elder

Mr. Kristopher Kord
Ruling Elder